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Alandra Dark's Office


Alandra is the daughter of high ranking nobleman from England and an egyptian woman. Raised in the most lush part of London Alandra had the benefit of the best schools and had every opportunity to do what she wished. An adventurous sort, Alandra's greatest pleasure was listening to her grandfather, a retired Scotland Yard Detective, about his days in the yard. Having been a methodical and intuative detective, Lord Dark Sr. saw that his granddaughter inherited all of his fine logical skills and took much pleasure in setting up little crime games for his granddaughter to play detective. It never took little Alandra long to solve the cases and when Alandra was 15 he started giving her real cases from his past and the clues. He was never disappointed and she solved them in the same methodical way that made her grandfather famous in the Yard.

Alandra went to university and majored in criminology and forensics and had hopes to join the yard like her grandfather. She soon found that the Yard was too plodding for her and they rarely listened to her idea. So she left and made her own Agency. Her grandfather was only too pleased to be on retainer as a consultant. Thus the adventures begin......

Max Poe's Office

Too many details can be...unhealthy in my world, so I'll keep it brief.

Used to be a homicide detective...until one day when I've met a banker...his corpse, actually. He was an important political figure in old New York...many ties with many city officials, which meant that everybody was breathing on my neck to solve this murder...'cause it was a murder. But the way he was his own bullet in the heart and another one right between his eyes...indicated a professional job. Everything else was clean. I've managed though to track down a hidden notebook he was keeping in an old house in the outskirts of the city...showed he was handling large amounts of money for a certain kind of people...the kind you wouldn't want to mess with. I guess he saw it as his life insurance...but in my opinion it was the very thing that got him killed. Poor chump...

Obviously I was not the only one who knew about this notebook, for the very next morning i found two things on my desk: a rich envelope and a bullet. I guess it's obvious what my choice was.

I put the notebook in my pocket and went to the Tricky Mister...the bar was right across the police section. I went to the back room and placed the book on the table. There were three people sitting at that table...with their faces hidden by large black hats. One of them leand towards me through the thick layer of cigars smoke and gave me a look that penetrated my skull like a 45 cap...those few seconds felt like ages. He reached for the notebook and put it in his chest pocket..."You made the right choice" he said...then disspeared in the smoke cloud where he came from.

I went back to the station and declared the case closed: murderer unknown. It is futile to say that everything went sour after my failure to solve this case killed my future in the system.

After a few weeks...seeing my carrier gone down the drain, I decided to leave the force and started my own practice.

A few days after I was walking to my car...listening to the rain hitting the sidewalk...I heard steps comming from an alley near to the entrace to my office building. I turned around and saw the same character I've met at the Tricky Mister...I couldn't see his eyes this time, but I clearly heard his voice:

"Welcome to the family."...