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First stop is the case files and crime lab.
It is always
nice to see if any
of your fellow detectives need help.  Before visiting the crime lab you should first visit the locker room and change into smart gear. Doing so will increase your chance of success.
Grab a cup
of coffee
and chat with
 fellow detectives. 
Friendship is
what makes
coming to the
office worth
all the
hard work.

Life continued

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Everyone starts as a rookie!
Start your day off in one of our beautiful offices. Pictured is a typical office.  Everyone starts as a rookie and promotion is based on how hard you work. We like to see your smiling face in the office at least four days a week.  Also if you do not show up to work for two weeks without notifying a director of why you will be gone, you will be fired.
                                   We offer equipment upgrades
 to all of our new members.
This is  to help insure you
the best chance of sucess.  
Now open some cases .
Even though the towns people tend to clam up when you start asking them too many questions, always see if you can do them any favors.
You will always be rewarded for a job well done.
Keeping in with the factions helps both you and us.
You should regularly offer to do a
"little job" for your chosen faction.
As you may have noticed, we do not
have our own library here at Shaded
Legends. Researching the answers
 to the "little job" questions is your job, we'd hate to make life too easy for you.