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Mr Bones knows all.... Click the skeleton above to see your secrets revealed.

Close the closet door and leave.

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One of the directors sister was murdered by another directors immediate family member.
I hear one of the directors can't hold their liquor very well.
I hear that one of them can't even find the wine cellar.
Seem's boy wonder is about to become a man. Suddenly he see's our Shady lady in quite a new light, his tiger is awake and roaring at last.

Word is that beneath the respectable veneer of one member lies a festering addiction to gambling. Recently, forgetting her propensity for going commando, this member found herself in a rather compromising situation after staking what she could ill afford to lose.

One of the detectives is actually a keebler elf and is married to a garden gnome. Gossip at the office indicates there is trouble in paradise. It appears the gnome keeps turning up in other's gardens. He swears he is being kidnapped, but the rumor is his wife won't share her cookies.

After months of chasing shy *cough.. splutter.. yeah right!* Shell around the office, sexy Crexy may be about to find out he's bitten off more than he can chew. Emboldened by a stolen kiss at the races our unsuspecting hero has escorted his lady love back to her lodgings where she plans to get her leg over (or was that a leg up she wanted... I really must clarify that small point) in any way she can. Check back soon to see how she fares.   


Breaking News
The rumor mills are churning, it appears that the lovely Ms. Marple has been seen shopping at the finest baby boutiques in Shanghai.
I think we can safely deduce that she got a leg over and  on Crextin.
shhhhhhhh you didn't hear this from Mr. Bones.