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Life at Shaded Legends II

We love treasure hunting,
hopefully you will partake
in the hunts with us.
Hunting for treasure is fun, requires teamwork and sometimes a bit of travel.
You'll notice we don't have sister agencies to help us in the hunts. We're a small, intimate agency and don't believe that mass rotation of agents through various offshoots is the way to achieve our goals. One of the joys of Sleuth is there's an agency out there for everyone. 
If you're looking for a laid back, "let's just go to the pub before our next case" kind of atmosphere (with occasional bouts of frenzied activity), you'll find it here. If you also want to work with people who believe having fun's more important than winning, then you may just have found your perfect home.


Our philosphy of fun and endeavour over winning at all costs means our coffers are rarely overflowing so, to keep the wolf from our door, we charge our members a small rent.
  • Rookies pay nothing
  • Agents pay $200/week
  • Officers pay $1000/week
  • Directors pay $3000/week
And lastly, when you choose to retire (if ever) we offer a wonderful retirement package in leu of all your contributions (in hard graft, money and laughter) to the agency.

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