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Q.What are factions and how do I befriend them?

    Factions are organizations of dubious character who will give you the lowdown on treasure hunts (for a price) and teach you special skills. They also have some pretty useful items for sale too (for an even larger price).


Before you can even get through the door of your chosen faction you’ll need to gain favour with them. To do this you need to solve a case that’s positive for the faction you want to gain favour with (or quit one that's negative for your chosen faction). Once you have a positive standing with them, you can start to do little jobs to gain more favour.


Q.What are faction standings?

    Your faction standing shows how much each faction trusts you. The more they trust you the more you can get from them.


Standing of 1: They’ll let you in the door.

Standing of 5: Their goods get marginally cheaper.

Standing of 10: You can purchase information on  treasure hunts. The price of their goods falls again.

Standing of 20: Their goods get cheaper still.

Standing of 25: They’ll teach you a special skill (assuming you have sufficient skill points)

Standing of 30: This is the cheapest their goods will get, time to spend, spend, spend.


Q.What are Little Jobs?

     Little jobs are when a faction asks you to get some information from a townie. Townies are suspicious characters and will put you to the test before telling you what you want to know. They’ll ask you 3 questions and you need to get 2 correct to be given the information you’re after (google will become your best friend when answering these). If you get the answers right your faction standing will increase, but beware, your standing with the other two factions in town will decrease.

Disappearing Suspects:


Q. Why has my suspect run away?

     Suspects only run away at intermediate level and above. There are any numberof reasons why they do this and it does not mean they are your killer.


Q. How do I find them?

     If you have Underworld Connections skill you can find them with this.


     If you haven’t got this skill you need to ask the townies if they know where you suspect is hiding. Only the non PE townies will be able to find them, you’ll soon get to know which townies are the most likely to help.



Q.What should I wear?

     Try and tailor your outfit to suit your detectives skills e.g. if you have a tough skills then wear an outfit with high tough stats, if you have charming skills wear an outfit with high charm stats. The higher your outfit’s stats the more chance of your skills working.


     You should also try and wear something that gives you a small amount of smart points, this will help find evidence at the crime scene. If you’re in an agency you can generally use their smart gear, so only need to add some smarts when you’re travelling.


    You can see the overall effect of your outfit on your detective page.


Q.I love this item but it doesn’t have good stats, can I keep it?

     Of course, if you want to wear it then please do. Some rules were made to be broken and if stat points have to be sacrificed for style then so be it.


Q.What should I take travelling?


    When you’re travelling you won’t have access to the locker so you should try to tailor your outfit to provide good interview stats and some smart stats. What you actually decide to take will depend on your case solving style, after a few trips abroad you should get a feel for what you need.

Last Thought
    Finally if you haven't found the answer to your question don't hesitate to ask we are here to help.

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