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smkshadyacres2's Office


Just call me Shady

Alex Lifeson's Office


After an unnoticed passage at the Police Academy, I quickly became a police detective. I was quite succesful in solving his cases, but my bosses always took the credit. My last case was the proverbial drop: I found a crime had been committed by one of my superiors. Instead of this guy going to jail, a cover-up turned it into a black mark on my record. That day I quit and started working near the NY Docks solving cases, this time being my own boss. Then I joined Legends ... the rest is history

Phoenixfyre's Office


There's more to this detective than meets the eye ... dear Watson

yadkin's Office



Bungalow Bill's Office



Red Lip's Office


Name's red_lips but friends call me lil red.
For your sake I hope you're my friend...